The role of the Eloro LAG in the process of local development of the southern area of Syracuse.

The ELORO LAG deals with sustainable rural development since 1998; it has participated, since its establishment, in many cooperation activities and distinguished itself especially in the planning and management of local integrated development initiatives and sustainability interventions in rural areas, as in the case of the activation of participatory technical tables on specific agro-food supply chains; or, again, in the drafting of memoranda of understanding and creation of networks with professional associations, consumers associations, local authorities and institutions, to support the productive chains and the integration of the stages of production / processing / marketing of agro-food products in the local agricultural economy; or, finally, in the case of the launching of public tenders and the activation of special support measures to encourage the productive chains of the quality typical products of the area (oil, wine, almonds, and several fruit and vegetables with the PGI, PDO brand, etc.) and the direct sale of products (according to the philosophy of ‘food mile’ or ‘zero km’).  Continue


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