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ENI CBC “Italy-Tunisia” 2014/2020 Programme – “CLUSTER SERVAGRI” project: public call for Expression of Interest and Curricula Research

The APO (Olive Producers Association) Cooperative Society is Partner of the project entitled “CLUSTER SERVAGRI – cross-border CLUSTER at SERVice of the networking and qualification of AGRIcultural chains in olive growing eligible for funding under the ENI CBC “Italy-Tunisia” 2014/2020 Programme (first call for standard projects ) and of which the Eloro LAG is the Principal Beneficiary.

For the implementation of this project, the APO Cooperative Society publishes a call for Expression of Interest and Curricula Research for the recruitment of 4/5 technicians and 1 translator..

The selection concerns the following professional profiles:

1) Professional training experts;

2) Professional Research Experts;

3) Professional Quality Experts;

4) Expert translator and interpreter in Italian / French.

Interested parties may send their application by e-mail, attaching the required documentation to the e-mail address no later than no later than 12.00 on 20/05/2020.

All the documents are available at the following LINK:

Programma UE “ENPARD PAP Tunisia” – Progetto “Strategia Bargou 2020” – Pubblicazione Bandi per ricerca Esperti

Per l’inizio del suo nuovo progetto “Strategia Bargou 2020” finanziato dalla Commissione europea nel quadro del programma UE “ENPARD PAP Tunisia”, il GAL Eloro sta cercando:

N.1 Esperto dell’Approccio LEADER;
N.1 Esperto nel Finanziamento dello Sviluppo Locale;
N.1 Esperto nella Governance dello Sviluppo Locale.

Si pubblicano i relativi bandi:

Bando ENPARD Esperto Approccio LEADER
Bando ENPARD Esperto Finanziamento Sviluppo Locale
Bando ENPARD Esperto Governance Sviluppo Locale

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